Solo and Group Walks


  • Perfect for dogs that prefers to have a walk on their own or with their family pack.

  • On solo walks I can tailor where I take them for walks, be it their favourite park or a muddy woodland walk. 

  • If you have more than one dog they can be walked together. 

  • Group walks are great for socialising and letting your interact with other dogs. 


30 minutes and 1 hour walks

Dogs - Includes 30 min walk 


Dogs need daily walks this enables them to have a routine

Once or 

Twice a day

PET Viisits

  • Your pets can enjoy the comfort of their own home, with familiar sounds, sights and smells. Cats especially are known to be highly stressed when in unfamiliar territory.

  • I can make daily visits to your home to water and feed any pets, water plants, collect the mail and walk the dog(s) while you are away by arrangement. Visits can include dog brushing, cleaning litter boxes, giving medication that is needed and spending time with your pets. 

  • An alternative to kennels or catteries, this service is tailored to your requirements. Your pets routine will be followed, they can sleep in their own bed, exercise in their usual park and eat their usual food etc. 

Small pets


I can check on those little pets too, I can clean, feed and water them - nothing is too small 

(20 min visits)


Once or

Twice a day 

​ Cats

Some cats love their space but they still need checking on, litters cleaned, given attention and fed and watered 

(30 min visits)


Once or

Twice a day

Pet Taxi

This is a service to help you run your pets to vet appointments, to and from kennels/ friends houses, grooming salons or anywhere your pet needs to be. Your pet will be collected then returned back home.


Puppy Service
This is for your gorgeous puppy, that needs some company when you are not there. During this visit, I will feed and water your pup, clean up accidents and change any training pads. I can take your pup into the garden and continue their toilet training. I will make sure they have some play time too. Your pup can start having solo walks once they have had all their vaccinations. Any additional visits add £10 on. 

Up to four visits a day