Coronavirus and Covid-19 - I am operating to CFSG guidance approved by DEFRA

What am I doing to support you and your pets during Covid19.

-Provide contactless meet and greet service outdoors.

-Provide contactless collection and drop off service.

-Follow strict hand hygiene and procedures. 

-Keep 2 metres away.

-Wipe your dog over with a pet-safe wipe before and after walks and sit ins. 

-I will use antibacterial gel and wash my hands thoroughly with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds as soon as I get home. 

-If you are self-isolating or suspect you have the virus I will keep your dog on the lead to prevent others from coming into contact with your dog.


'Dog walkers can continue to operate and priority should be given to key workers, and vulnerable people who are unable to make alternative safe arrangements for their dog. Dogs from Coronavirus infected or self-isolating households may be walked but if doing so they must be walked after dogs from all other households. The business handover protocol set out by CFSG should be followed with the owner retaining all equipment such as leads. Handover should take place in an outdoor space large enough for the client and staff to maintain their social distance. Dogs from different households may be walked together as long as dogs from infected or self-isolating households are not mixed with others from non-infected households. Social distancing should be maintained for both the walker and the dogs by keeping the dogs on a lead. Dogs may be allowed off lead in a safe area. Any equipment, including the vehicle if used to transport the dog, must be cleaned and disinfected between dogs.